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8 Week Soul Journey Circle

Soul Circle - ONLINE

8 Week Soul Journey Circle

A Powerful way to tell YOUR STORY
Time: 7:30pm to 9pm (AEST)
Dates: Tuesday 13th Oct - Last Session Tuesday 1st Dec
Delivery: Online - 8 weekly sessions
Investment: $197aud

  • If you could hear your SOUL speaking to you right now what would it be telling you?
  • What does your SOUL want in this moment?
  • Why do I feel the way I feel?
  • What are these emotions?
  • What do I need to change in order to move forward?
  • Why do I feel emotionally blocked?
  • What is next for me?
  • Does it always have to be the way it is in this present moment?

These are big questions, and the answers lie inside you, let's answer the questions together, through me guiding you to go inside, find all the answers and empower you to live the life you deserve.


8 Week Soul Circle Full Price - $197aud

Circle Format

You will connect and work with YOUR SOUL, ask the answers to your questions and learn about what your SOUL needs to live a life of wellness, Spiritually Emotionally and Physically

  • The evening will commence with grounding and breathing exercises to relax and connect before going on your own Soul Journey to connect
  • Each week we will work through various questions in order to Connect and understand where the internal blocks are coming from, listening to your inner being, YOUR SOUL and becoming EMPOWERED to LIVE your BEST LIFE, YOUR SOUL'S TRUTH
  • There will also be time for journaling, open discussion and sharing whilst at the same time supporting each other

Timeline Tree
A Powerful way to tell YOUR STORY

  • Connecting with your inner self and your intuition, you can create a timeline depicting life events from whichever point you wish to start, enabling you to heal and move into desired better outcomes

Celebration Night
We will tune in and connect with your INNER BEING and celebrate "YOU"

  • An evening starting with discussion on the journey you have travelled
  • Including key points you have learned about yourself
  • Recognition of your needs and non-negotiables to live your SOUL'S TRUTH and honour YOURSELF
  • And, what you can do next to continue to your growth

AWAKEN your SOUL – 1 day workshop

SOUL Coaching® Collages

AWAKEN your SOUL – 1 day workshop

Ancient wisdom has always been a way of living, it was a part of everyday life. Our Ancestors connected with their 'knowing' to survive. Ritual was used for everything, birth, marriage, death, celebrations, change of seasons, reaping of crops, rites of passage, ceremony to connect with belief systems for decision making, during both good and hard times. They were connecting with their belief systems and their Souls.

Creating a SOUL Coaching® Collage is connecting with, and allowing your Soul to speak to your INNER SELF, connecting with your ANCIENT WISDOM. By trusting and using your intuition you are given answers to questions, insight to the future and what your Soul needs and an honest view of your journey.

Allowing your inner knowing to speak is an intimate private journey. Your Soul's voice will be heard, you will see images, experience inner knowing and feelings and have insights you create through connecting with your Soul. With this comes enlightenment and clarity of mind. Blockages can also be cleared both emotionally and spiritually. SOUL Coaching® Collages are done whilst sitting in silence and going on a Soul Journey to connect with your inner knowing, your SOUL. Being silent allows the mind clutter to stop and provides your own sacred space. Whilst here you create your intention for the collage.

The collage is not a vision board or manifestation board whereby we choose words and photos to depict what we want. SOUL Coaching® Collages is about gathering pictures, words, items which represent what you are creating, which is your story. This collage is not about the material things in life you think you need to make your life complete. It is about your Soul, your journey, and what will make you sparkle inside and out. Choose with intention and grace, and your Soul will guide you.

On completion of your collage, we will look at the various meanings and you may be very surprised to see how you have expressed your soul's story. We do this by looking at the NINE houses of the collage. We will open the gathering with prayer and a meditation to bring in the energy for the day.


Investment is $110aud


  • Date: Sunday 25th August 2019
  • Venue: Heaven on Earth Therapies - 1/151 Woolooware Road, CRONULLA NSW 2230 (located upstairs above Coffee Shop)
  • Time: 10am to 3pm (arrive 9.30am)
  • Workshop limited to 8 participants
  • Includes all materials, journal and pen
  • Tea and coffee, cake and biscuits provided
  • Bring your own lunch

1 day workshop

SOUL Coaching® Spirit Stick & Timeline

1 day workshop

Creating a SOUL Coaching® Spirit Stick is a way to connect to your Truth, the voice within you. Spirit Sticks and Talking Sticks have been used traditionally for generations by the indigenous people of Australia and Native Americans. They strengthen your connection with Spirit, the Universal Realms and can be the gateway to meeting your ancestors.

Whilst creating your Spirit Stick you are delving into a deeply personal and powerful time. The creating of the Stick can also bring clarity and understanding your life and your Soul.

By allowing yourself to connect with your voice, your knowing, your SOUL, you create opportunities to grow on a personal level. Through this you become EMPOWERED in your OWN TRUTH - just let your intuition guide you.

Your Spirit Stick can be created with the energy of your Ancestors, Spirit Guides and/or Spirit Animals and your belief system. Your Stick instantly becomes a part of you, who you are, and it can be taken with you wherever you go if you choose.

SOUL Coaching® SPIRIT STICK is not only used to represent your life, your SOUL, it depicts your life in a meaningful way.

SOUL Coaching® Time Line is a very powerful tool to tell YOUR STORY. By connecting with your inner self and your intuition, you can create a timeline depicting life events from whichever point you wish to start.

Generally, by starting at the beginning, as far back as you can remember and putting events on paper including the emotion surrounding the experience, the emotions felt, you see the pattern created. From this there is usually a moment, a point in time, a particular event, when you recognise the turning point for you personally, and the effects it had one you, whether good or bad. This is when you realise your story, your timeline, and you can move into desiring better outcomes.


  • Go into nature and find a stick you are drawn to
  • Find the stick a few days prior to the workshop so you can take it indoors to dry
  • When finding the stick, consider your intention for the stick, will it be a stick you take places or will it adorn a special place in your home or place of business
  • Manners – when taking from nature we should be mindful and ask if this stick belongs to us, and is there permission to remove it from it's living space


Investment is $125aud


  • Workshop limited to eight participants
  • Includes all materials, journal and pen
  • Tea and coffee, cake and biscuits provided
  • Bring your own lunch

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