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An End of Life Doula can support you on your journey by:

  • Acting as an ADVOCATE in supporting YOUR needs, wants, must haves and non negotiables
  • Providing a shoulder to lean on and listening to your concerns, helping you travel your journey with the knowledge YOU CAN do it YOUR WAY
  • Helping bring you as much comfort, peace and joy as possible during the process
  • Assisting you with contacting relevant, qualified people with regard to your legal documents and financial affairs
  • Calling and organising appointments with legal firms and advisors on your behalf
  • Researching and making contact with authorities and groups to find information in relation to any other affairs you may need to get in order
  • Providing you support by putting together your funeral, including your celebration of life following your passing to ensure it is exactly what you want
  • Supporting you by visiting funeral parlours to discuss and make arrangements and choose your coffin or Urn
  • Ensuring you are in control of what is going on for you, about you, and around you
  • Giving you breathing space when needed, time out to just be
  • Time to review internally where you are at on a personal, emotional and spiritual level
  • Making sure your physical being and medical care is reviewed periodically
  • Assisting by organising outings, events and experiences on your to do list
  • Helping family & friends to organise a roster system to keep the household running, meeting everyone's needs
  • Organising home help if needed, transport for appointments and so on
  • Preparing your End of Life plan and implementation of your wishes, including a Celebration of Life Party prior to your death
  • Ensuring your choice of where you wish to be when you are preparing to pass is honoured, this could be at home or in care
  • If in care, assisting in bringing your comforts to you, so you feel you are in your own space, your own safe place, with your favourite things
  • Organising a roster for visitors that suits you, ensuring your wishes are met understanding and respecting who you do and don't want visiting
  • Ensuring when you reach the last stages those with you, are the peopleyou wish to have with you
  • Ensuring your wishes are met following your passing which includes caring for your body, staying with your family for a few hours or a couple of days

Assistance with information and resources to organise

  • Wills, Power of Attorney, Enduring Guardian
  • Financial Issues & Medical Requirements

Partners, family and friends of unwell loved ones need support as well.
It is not always the person who is suffering with an illness or injury needing support. It can often be their support people, partners, children or close friends who may be caring for a dear one who need help themselves. Time out for coffee and some fresh air. A Doula can also provide this.

Short term and unexpected illness or injury can occur unexpectedly.
There are so many things which need attention, you can engage a Doula to assist with organising everyday tasks; ensuring the household still runs, pets are cared for, plants watered, mail collected ..
My wish is for you to feel supported, listened to and loved every step of the way!!!

Call me, Trish, at Pathway To Peace now.
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